New Year, New Blog

2016 is here and loads of stuff will happen, It will be the end of my studies and I have no plan where I will end up. So with a year like that I was thinking  what New Year’s resolution I should have and this blog ended up being what I came up with

So why blog?

I was thinking of maybe be healthier bit while it’s a good idea I rather get that done in a more stable year than the year I will end collage and try to get a job. (And I already tried last year until I decided that to screw that for socializing and pleasure instead) Another thing was to set a goal to release a game but that resolution is big and when I tried I got distracted by other things.  After that I got the idea of making a blog on my own, I quite enjoyed writing for the Vojlock blog and I feel that I need to train writing but as it’s only for a project it’s quite limited to what I can do with it. I also need to train to write more so I can express my ideas better in that form of communication.

So what will I write in it…. well a bit of everything I guess but the main thing is that I’ll talk about games and developing them and with some other stuff if I find something I want to write about. It’s more fun rambling about things you care about that than personal stuff and I want this blog to be something I have fun with instead of work (I tried to make a blog about my personal life once but gave it up after two posts). I will write in English as I to not exclude  to only Swedish people, maybe I’ll write some grammatical mistakes but I got a feeling it wold be just as bad there.. I have no schedule but I plan to at least to do one post a week.

// Xgor


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