Game Industry, Retro Gaming

The future of retro games! (Or not)

I got a random thought due to me tinkering with the idea to use my birthday present Raspberry Pi as a retro gaming machine. What would happen if game companies started selling dumped game ROMs legally on the net. I know that there is things like Nintendo’s Virtual Console and other downloadable stores if you want. Also I know that in most cases you can get a cartridge for old games without too much trouble. Both these are not nearly as portable and convenient as having ROMs.


Think of it compared to music and videos. It’s much easier to get legal music files ripe for use and the process of getting the files from music and videos from discs isn’t that painful of an process and doesn’t need obscure components specifically made just for that purpose. These files become very convenient due to their virtual portability and can be used on every device. Game ROMs share that portability while not their legal ease and that makes them tempting to download even to owners to those games. I have downloaded ROMs for games I’ve owned myself on a cartridge but according to the law I still have done wrong due to I guess I “stole” a copy. 


It could help those companies as the cost for them would be very low for a revenue that might be very big if enough people would be ok with buying  ROMs. Heck they doesn’t get any money anyways from those old cartridges that cost a lot anyways and we all know what some companies think of used games. That being said you can say that GOG already have done something similar with old DOS games so what says this can’t be a possibility in the future. However the the vibes you get from the companies owning these great classics make me doubt this will happen any time soon, but who knows. All I know is that it’s gonna be pretty sweet to have my own mini  console that can play almost any retro console soon.


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