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Forever cursed being a 3

So the results for the latest Ludum Dare just came in today and my first thoughts where “Oh just a bunch of 3s with some 2s again, It’s not even as good as my last games score with fun and overall. And I though it was my best one yet, I guess I haven’t improved at making games all these years. Especially as it seems like most creators just get such boosts in such a short time”. As the dare voting system is 1-5 stars constantly getting 3s makes me feel mediocre and lowers my every fluctuating self esteem. Then I realized how unhealthy those thought are to me. So and took and looked into how healthy that state of mind actually is.


Total Rating over time

I tried to try to find some statistics to see if I actually improved during the years. I decided to put all the results I got in the line graph above to see how it would look and well… among the mess it’s pretty clear that it tend to stay at a average of 3. Maybe the total score would show improvements.

image (2).png



These makes me just look worse. That being said more people joined in later ludum and some quite skilled so having a high place is hard, That I haven’t spiked even more the later ones completely shows some improvement.

So then I checked total ratings aand….

image (3).png

I guess that’s better



Stacked it becomes more visible changes and Ignoring Corruption.exe and Speedy Tiny Golf it is a slow improvement ever dare.

That being said I am a programmer and I care the most about that the game is interesting and fun to play

image (4).png

Finally a clear climb

Just compared Overall and Fun the latest 3 is clearly superior and Fun has almost always been a climb. And even if I got less on overall on fun this time around I still got the second best score on both with way higher score than the other ones.

ss+(2016-01-05+at+07.11.11).png Still if you look at overall ratings in term on percent I keep being in the top 33% and that shows that I do have some skill.

But you know… in the end I shouldn’t place that much value on all these ratings. They are just numbers and what really matters are the games. It does kinda hurt that my first game still scores the best in many ways even if I think it’s kinda my worst but everything does come down to taste. Still it’s just impressive to be able to make games in this short time span and I’ve improved to not completely burn out myself as much and prioritize what to do. And even if other doesn’t think so it’s still my favorite game done so far and in the end isn’t that what matters. 🙂



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