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The Beginners Guide – First Thoughts

So I just played The Beginers Guide and there is so much thoughts in my head right now that I just needs to write down my thoughts to clear my mind. If you haven’t heard about the Beginners Guide it’s a game by Davey Wreden the writer of the Stanley Parable. Talking about it more would spoil it so if you don’t want it spoiled I suggest you don’t read futher


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Forever cursed being a 3

So the results for the latest Ludum Dare just came in today and my first thoughts where “Oh just a bunch of 3s with some 2s again, It’s not even as good as my last games score with fun and overall. And I though it was my best one yet, I guess I haven’t improved at making games all these years. Especially as it seems like most creators just get such boosts in such a short time”. As the dare voting system is 1-5 stars constantly getting 3s makes me feel mediocre and lowers my every fluctuating self esteem. Then I realized how unhealthy those thought are to me. So and took and looked into how healthy that state of mind actually is.


Total Rating over time

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The future of retro games! (Or not)

I got a random thought due to me tinkering with the idea to use my birthday present Raspberry Pi as a retro gaming machine. What would happen if game companies started selling dumped game ROMs legally on the net. I know that there is things like Nintendo’s Virtual Console and other downloadable stores if you want. Also I know that in most cases you can get a cartridge for old games without too much trouble. Both these are not nearly as portable and convenient as having ROMs.


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